Hormones are your body’s chemical messengers. Once released by glands into blood stream they act on various organs & tissues to control everything from the way your body functions to how you feel.

One group of hormones are nicknamed the “feel-good hormones” because of the happy and sometimes euphoric feelings they produce. What are the four feel good hormones?

These are :

DOPAMINE :- Often called Happy Hormones. Dopamine results in feeling of well being.It spikes when we experience something pleasurable.Dopamine is most notably involved in helping us feel pleasure as part of brains reward system. Release of Dopamine while performing some of the following activities
Sex, Shopping,Smelling cookies, Baking Eating delicious food, Listening music, Dancing, Acting, Exercise etc.
Dark side of Dopamine is the intense feeling of reward, when people take drugs, smoking, alcohol consumption which leads to addiction.

SEROTONIN:- When you feel happy and all seems right with the world,you are feeling the effects of Serotonin.This hormone is responsible for boosting mood as well as host of other functions.Serotonin acts on different parts of the brain to affect a variety of functions & behaviours including
° Memory
° Fear
°The stress response
°Body temperature
LOW LEVEL OF SEROTONIN IS LINKED TO DEPRESSION. It is possible to increase serotonin without taking medicines. Our natural way to increase serotonin is by working out, Exercise, Dancing,Walking, Laughing

ENDORPHINS:-THE BRAINS NATURAL PAIN RELIEVER .To increase endorphins , following activities help
° Meditation
°Playing music,Singing, Dancing Laughter
° UV Light -Outdoors in Sunlight

OXYTOCIN:- Is a peptide hormone. It plays a role in social bonding, Reproduction, Childbirth
Oxytocin is also called as Love hormone because. It is responsible for some of the positive emotions you feel during attraction and sexual desire.Oxytocin is not addictive.


Contributor :

Sudeer Wanchoo


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