Mental issues too affect our health some of the time -One such is Depression.

Good, Bad & Worse : Depression can walk in any day but good thing is it can walk out also after some time with or without medication. It is curable, in any case, with some change in life-style, support from near & dears as well as coaching by professionals. Depression is not something to be depressed about for long.

However, the bad thing is that the reasons of depression are so varied, it becomes difficult to prevent its onset. Family problems, may those be health related or financial are not the only set of causes, obscure matters like monotonous routine may also trigger depression. Bad does not end there. Contrary to above, someone who is adhering to a hugely varied routine also has just equivalent chances of going into depression. It all depends on what is perceived by the Brain as stress and how much of it the Brain can cope up with.Coming to the worst part, a disorder named Schizophrenia too may be caused by depression or may manifest depression along with many other symptoms. Though Schizophrenia is widely spread in all spectrum of society, name of one celebrity which comes first to my mind is Parveen Babi. She suffered from it, if some of you are aware of what she went through, it was horrible. The money, the resources, the relations, everything falls short of in majority of cases. The problem is the Brain, which is egotistic. It does not accept that there could be problem with it. And, unless it accepts so, there is hardly any cure. It is self-destructive. This all happens because of Chemical imbalances in Brain. It is a real ‘Chemical लोचा’, a phrase picked from लगे रहो मुन्ना भाई.

Is there a course of action? : . an early detection may be the only savior, which, because of Brain’s unwillingness to recognize a problem, rests with family & friends. But that too has pitfalls. Who will dare tell a close friend or relative that Schizophrenia was slowly drawing in? Anyway, how do we recognize it? The most prominent of symptoms is ‘uncalled for suspicion’ or ‘paranoid’. It goes against the normal legal parlance of ‘innocent till proved guilty’. Here the thought is more like others are guilty and are conspiring to put the person some harm. Unnecessary suspicion or distrust is giveaway of this disorder. When people say ‘ शक और वहम का इलाज तो हकीम लुकमान के पास भी नहीं था’, in fact they are referring to this disorder. It is only a starting stage. Without delving into details of severe stages, would like to conclude saying that before severity sets in, if family or friend can show some courage in convincing the person affected to take corrective may prevent deterioration in quality of life for the person as well as everyone around.


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