Culture Kashmiri Recipes

Paneer Kaliya – A Dish for Fasts & Feasts

“Making Paneer Kaliya is an art,” says Nalini Sadhu. As the Chef/Curator at Matamaal Restaurant, Nalini has spent years perfecting every recipe on the menu and the Paneer Kaliya is no different. “While preparing Kaliya, instinct is everything. I rely heavily on my instincts because the aroma and colour of the gravy marks a great […]

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Kashmiri Recipes

One of the Most Expensive Mushrooms in the World

Ever heard of one of the most expensive and extravagant ingredients that grows in the wild? No, not the apricot-hued stigma of a flower, Saffron. We’re talking about the fruiting body of a fungus, which grows in the absolute wild; Morels, fondly known amongst the locals in Kashmir as ‘Kanngitch’ or Gucchi. Like caviars speak […]

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Kashmiri Recipes

The ‘Sheer’ Pink Delight

The pristine valley of Kashmir is the living proof of the exchange of culture, cuisine, commodities and even religions amongst the Central Asian countries and eastern countries like China. One such commodity reached the snow-covered streets of Kashmir with the first Islamic ruler of the state – Sultan Sadruddin Shah (Rinchan), who had his religious […]

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Kashmiri Recipes

Kashmiri Kehwa – Preparation

We Kashmiri’s many a times have served our friends / guest with Kehwa which they always relish. Most of them order Kehwa but need help to prepare the same. I took out some time to prepare a video for my friends, and hope this will be helpful for our KP community to share with their […]

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Kashmiri Recipes

15 Best Kashmiri Recipes | Popular Kashmiri Recipes

Just like its picturesque beauty, the food in Kashmir is heavenly. Here are our 15 best Kashmiri recipes that you can prepare at home as well. Reference : NDTV Food Updated: September 07, 2022 17:40 IST Kashmiri recipes you can prepare at home. Kashmiri Recipes- Just like its picturesque beauty, the food in Kashmir is heavenly. The rich, […]

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Kashmiri Recipes

Recipe for Kashmiri Dam aloo

To Fry The Potatoes For The Yogurt Mixture For The Curry Instructions Cook The Potatoes Fry The Potatoes Make The Curry Notes You can easily double or triple the recipe for a bigger crowd. Traditionally flour is not added to this curry. But if you are not very comfortable cooking with yogurt, then add a […]

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